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Motivate Yourself

1.Believe in Yourself:-

If you want to become topper in class believe in yourself and study day and night till you reach that position. Don’t depend on anyone to complete your work. Don’t include yourself in Gossips. The quieter and hard worker you are, the smarter you become. When you become smarter don’t give up easily and go to the root of the problems untill you get results. You know persistence pays off

2.Things you should keep to yourself:-

The first thing the favour you did to anyone. The second never expose your weakness to anyone. Some people may make fun of you. Never tell others secrets to closed ones, your upcoming goals and your Beliefs and faith.

3. Change for yourself, not for others:-

Change yourself to become better version of you. Shed the old version of you, your habits, your beliefs. Don’t believe everything you hear. There are three sides of a story, Yours, Theirs and the Truth. Try to improve from your mistakes. You know every master was once a beginner.

4. Life is Short:-

Life is short, no replay no rewind and Time is fast. Enjoy every moment as it comes. What Life hurts you today makes you stronger tomorrow. The best revenue is to move on and let Karma do the work.

5. Slow and steady wins the race:-

We cannot overload your brain with excess work. The only thing is to grasp only little knowledge. If we overload our brain will not get there where we thought to reach. The only thing is to grasp only little knowledge. So slowly learning little things, steadily wins the race.


Published by Thotaramani

Optimist and Hardworker. I completed Graduation and 4 years Diploma. Love Nature and adventures.

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