Motivate Yourself

  1. Be Happy with little things:
  2. Be Happy with little things. There are many people in the world who doesn’t have anything but still mange to smile. But so many people have more than they had but still not satisfied in Life. Life always gives to people what is worth to them not what they want. Think always everything will be Ok in the End. If it is not OK it is not the end. Always believe in Hard Work not luck.

2.Silence is the Best Reply to A Fool:-

If a person cannot understand Silence cannot understand you . Saying nothing says the most. It is not always not necessary to give response to all the people. Some people may understand your words but some may take it in a negative way. Wise people will be mostly silent people.

Silence is a Prayer,.

Practice it Daily

3. Mind is your worst Enemy:-

If your mind is not in your control, then the actions you do will have definitely have negative impact on your life, whereas when you talk or act properly without any hurry your mind will become your best friend. Uplift youself by the power of your mind. Life is full of ups and downs. But you should change the way you look at things and learn from them. That depends on you whether you want to turn the page or close the book when problems come.

The above words are only General thoughts for motivation not to …any people.

Motivate Yourself

  1. Increase your Consciousness Level:-
  2. Sometimes while doing some work our mind will be absent only our body will be present. To increase our consciousness level, we should play ganes lije Chess or solve puzzles. Meditate for few minutes. When our consciousness. When our consciousness level increase you will be able to take more accurate decisions.

2. Avoid Distractions in Life:-

Sometimes while learning some distractions come in life like phone, media which reduces the concentration in work So while doing any work wholeheartedly keep the distractions away and focus on your work completely so that you will get Perfect results.

3. How to be No.1 in Life:-

When you have strong desire you put all your efforts to get success. It depends on how you are planning and executing the work. If you have total confidence in you, you will get success in small time. But if make your mind weak, can’t reach your destination. When you get success in small time, you will be more confident. Always enjoy the process of your work, even though you fail sometimes but get up try Onceagain.

4. Control your emotions:-

If someone spoils your mood by their words, the only way is to respond to situations but react to it. Try to recollect the situation and try to correct our mistakes. We don’t have control over the world but we can balance our emotions and thus Balance our emotional health.

5. Change your inner look than outer:-

Instead of focusing on outer makeup:-) if we concentrate more on inner make up our life would become Blissful. Outer makeup washes away with water but the inner make with strong will will boost up your confidence which is permanent and Ultimately lead to Success.

6. Nothing is Impossible:-

As long as you keep going and try nothing is impossible. Winners focus on winning, whereas Losers focus on Winners 😅. So many people fall in life because they focus more on others than improving themselves. Make yourselves in such a way that one day you should stand and say” I have done it”. Make yourself winner mindset. The more hours you work now, the more chill you become later. Winners are not who never fail. But the people who never quit.

Motivate Yourself

Laughter is the Best Medicine:-

People who laugh and do jokes, it releases stress in them. When we spend some time with children it also keeps you fresh and energetic. So instead of always serious in life have some fun. You have to devote each time for everything.

2. Pain is your motivation:-

All maynot be always happy all times. Sometimes Life will give you so many challenges also. So many things come to test you. When you compare yourself with others also sometimes become less motivated. Change pain into strength. Pain comes in your life to become better version of you.

3. Practice makes a Man Perfect:-

If you want to master any field. Sometimes some peple get disappointed that they don’t have skills. But constant practice will lead you to success. Practice is always perfect key to success. Always focus on practice the things you are weak at. You will get definitely get mastery over it by constant practice and concentration.

4. Avoid Laziness:-

You have to push yourself whenever you feel lazy. You are not going to get success from your comfort zone or little work. You have to be enthusiastic everytime to build your inspiration you have to prepare your mind that something good is coming to you. Once you decided to grow, your mind will motivate each level of Life.

5. Be Productive in your work:-

If you concentrate on the result of your work, it will lead to stress. But instead focus more on the accuracy of the work. Work will become more easy to you and result awaiting will be still blissful to you.

6. How to respond to Insult:-

In negative situations if you prepare your mind that, that situation is making you strong you grow. If any person is criticizing you and if you listen to him/her with patience, you will still improve yourself to become better version of you. Welcome the adverse affects in life by positive attitude because that person is pointing the drawbacks in your to improve yourself.

Motivate Yourself

Don’t Decrease your Will Power:-

So many situations occur in our life’s. That circumstances shouldn’t effect our mind and disturb our lives. We should prepare our mind in such a way that fluctuations in life is not going to effect our way of thinking. We should decrease our will power in us. We should train our mind to be calm peaceful in every situations in life. We should prepare an our mind in such a way to respond not react in every situations in life.

2. Man can make his own Destiny:-

To achieve anything in life you have to develop the attitude of hard work and also persistence is needed in life. We have to adjust our plans. Should adopt New strategies in life. Everything is inside us. Look at the mirror and say three times” I CAN DO IT”. Even though the thing is impossible to us.

3. Exercise 💪Daily:-

We should do daily workouts skipping a day. Daily practising exercise develops good harmones and keep our body fit. At least devote half an hour for workouts. Keep your body and Brain by regular work outs. How we eat food nourish our body exercise and meditation is is needed to keep our Brain fit too.

4 Never doubt Yourself:-

People tell you the things they couldn’t do and discourage you in the same way. That reduces the self confidence in you. But never doubt yourself by the opinions of the others. Everything has its own time in Life neither too late nor Too Earlier. You too will be successful in your own time have patience.

But Never Doubt Yourself you can’t do it.

5. Take time to reach Perfection:-

To reach Perfection it always take time. There may be errors or sometimes we fall so strongly also. But you should see all these things as Opportunities to grow. We may fall several times. But after lots if failures when we lift as many times, will definitely get success.

5 Never Give Up in Life:-

Life may put so many tests to you whether you move backward and declare yourself failure. Never Give Up. It is the time to prove yourself Stronger than ever and get up work on your priorities. Become someone no ok ne thought you would be.

6. Utilize your time Properly:-

There is a proverb that TIME AND TIDE WAIT FOR NO MEN. Once we lost this time and Life will not get it back. Time is so precious. If we loose money will get back but if we loose and waste valuable time in unnecessary things. We will be struck there only in life. Great Thinkers and Leaders use most of time in such a way by making plans and taking correct decisions. They work accordingly to their plans and make proper use of time.

Motivate Yourself

  1. Learn from mistakes:
  2. We always learn from our shortcomings. Experience is the hardest kind of teacher. In life gives us test First and afterwards lesson. So that we can learn with example. So whenever life gives hardest test learn from it and not to repeat that mistake later. Whereas in schools and colleges after learning lessons we give test. But when life give us lessons learn from it to become better version of ourselves and learn from our mistakes.

2. Great people Try but don’t Cry:-

Life always challenges strong people. So whenever life challenges you it to become better version of you to get success. Discover your strength instead of weakness. We should eliminate unwanted negative habits which is not allowing you to grow. Then will definitely get success Slowly but definitely. So when challenges you try don’t Cry over the situation.

3. Problems are part of Life:-

Problems are part of life. No one in this world is problem free. We are human beings. Everyone has little or big problems, if we overcome it positive attitude win otherwise become weaker version of you. Don’t get scared with proper analysis make decisions with positive attitude.

4 . Don’t believe what everyone say:-

Some people gossip and waste their time. Don’t believe everything you hear. They spread rumours and spread negatively about people. Don’t believe everything you hear. From your opinion believe what they say.

5 Children Need Attention and Love:-

People all over the world are busy in making money to make life happier. They don’t put attention to Family and kids and think they have bought everything to their family and kids. But children need more attention and Love rather than gifts. They don’t care about material things and money. They want to be heard and seen and spend some time with them. So always spend some time with your family and friends that really makes you happier from inside.

Motivate Yourself

  1. Accept the weakness of others:All cannot be perfect in all things. If you cannot accept them atleast shouldn’t tease them. In marriage relationships also both persons taste may differ, when they like each other should accept their weakness also. All may not have all talents. Some may have more talent some may have little in their work. It depends on the perception you see. Encourage them to become successful.

2. Overcome Fear:-

Fear is just an illusion. Sometimes false evidence appearing in real. There should be burning desire in every one which overcomes fear. When there is fear in mind you cannot even inspire others. When you cross the illusion of fear the other side is success. So fear binds to take further steps. To overcome fear is to step in which scares you the most.

3.Don’t underestimate any person:-

Don’t underestimate the power of each person. Time proves everything. Even a needle in a sewing machine does long stich. A small thing which may not be useful sometimes may become valuable sometimes. Each thing has its own value in it’s own time.

4. Increase your will power:-

Increase your will power still more by meditation. Past habits will not force you to grow and increase your will power. If you want to improve the quality of life still more don’t struck with the same thoughts. Clarity in your thoughts and will power will motivate you further more improvement in life and motivate you. It’s up to you how you are going to improve yourself.

5. Make Changes in small small decisions:-

If you want to change something maynot happen suddenly. Everything takes time to change and grow. When you sow a seed , you need to put water and ferilizer to grow strong. In the same way if you want to reach a certain height, you need to change your habits and thoughts. Consistence is needed. You have to push yourself forward. Atleast you can improve 1 percent everyday if you make certain changes in life.

6 Discipline:-

Discipline is needed in every sphere of work you do. Prepare your mind to be discipline. This possible by regular practice in all spheres of lufe

Motivate Yourself

  1. Life is a Blessing:-
  2. Life is a Blessing embrace it. You have only this life.Don’t complain about life. You are just lucky born as a human being, it is your duty to make it worthy or useless. You are not going to get success all times. Sometimes failures also come in your way. It is by tacts how you overcome it. Happiness is a Journey not destination.

2.Respect Your Competitors:-

Nothing as easy in Life as you think. You have to work much harder in life. If people say you can’t do it. You have to make tough work easy by applying any of the alternative techniques. Competitors in your office Challenge you so that still more develop yourself. You have to be confident in yourself. Always don’t think you are perfect at one thing. You have to develop some more extra skills for Development in Life. For that you have to work day and night.

2. Winner Once was a Looser:-

Winner too was a Looser once upon a time. So many athletics didn’t get Gold Medals once by Luck. They might have been lost so many times . After putting lots of efforts they reached that point of Life. So as you after so many failures will definitely get success. So struggles are necessary to make you strong and reach your Goal.

3. Identify your own strength:-

Each person is unique in this world with their unique qualities. Each one has their own strength. Find your inner strength in you. You all have inner strength within you hidden. But you always notice others strength and make yourself weak. When you come to know about your inner strength you will definitely leave your comfort zone work hards towards to achieve your goal.

4. Make right choices at right time:-

If you don’t make right choices in life you will be always confused what to do and what not. Your mind may confuse you with so many things. Train your brain to prepare for anything in life. Success is Balance of thoughts between Can do and cannot.

5. Avoid Multitasking:-

Avoid Multitasking works at your table others all the works will collapse sometimes. Choose your priorities first and work accordingly. If you can do two tasks at once can do but more than two may be sometimes leads to collapsing of work and lose concentrate on a particular work.

6. See Problems as Opportunities:-

If you prepare your mind in such a way that every problem in your life is an opportunity that is coming to ake you still more better and learn from it. Opportunities knock the door of strong people to enhance their abilities. It is really Smart work that leads you to success. Prepare yourself in such a way that you can overcome every obstacles in Life.

7. Laughter is Best Medicine Always:-

When you laugh it increases immunity power in you. By watching comedy movies or Books or Cartoons when you laugh it releases the Dopamine Harmone which keeps your Brain fit. So be excited when attending parties and functions or going to see movie in theatres. Lots of stress levels will be reduced.

Motivate Yourself

  1. Encourage the child like Behaviour in you.:-That doesn’t meant that you should become child. It means. Children share and care somany good things with others and forget everything soon. Be open minded when with our close ones and real friends.

Be happy with little things😊

2. Be a Good observer:-

Instead of talking unnecessary chats in groups and parties just be a Good observer. It makes you know well behaviour of people. Chatting unnecessary is waste of time and energy. Talk only important and useful things and observe more.

The above Kindle book is think like a monk by Jay Shetty

3.Clarity of mind:-

Before you start or do work clarity of mind is needed what to do, how to do. Planning everything accordingly. If you don’t plan what to do and what to leave you will be struck somewhere in life and life will not move forward. Clear decisions at appropriate time is necessary to remove stress in life and get clarity of mind in each work you do.

4.Make use of time properly:-

Time will not wait for any person. Time moves so quickly than you think. Once you lost and think that I would have make use of that time in that way will never come back. What you want to do, do it in the present moment. Never wait. Time is so precious. Don’t be lazy. Chill ! Move enthusiastically till you achieve something you have planned because time and tide wait for no men.

5. Always be 8n present moment:-

Some people will always stay ineither past or thinking about future is not going to work out. Only you have to work hard and be in present moment planning about future not thinking about future. The work you do today will decide your future. If you sit idle in present moment and think that some wonder is going to happen will never. Struggle and work hard today so that in future you shouldn’t blame youself that you have wasted your time. Everything will fall in its place the moment you will do everything in present moment

6.Everything is Easy:-

Everything is easy when you learn before you step into any field. Without having any knowledge about that field will not work better. You have to strive hard to make impossible thing possible and let people wonder how you have done it. At first it may seem hard but when you step in any field and make constant practice you will be unbeatable.

Motivate Yourself

  1. Accept the things as they are:-

In life should the things as they are. You should change the outlook towards the result. Sometimes all things may not happen as you thought should be. You have to prepare your mind that it’s all happening for our betterment. If you instead of getting disappointed by little things, you should correct your mindset the way we look at the things. Everything will fall in its place.

2. A New Beginning:-

If you fall in life don’t stop there thinking that it’s fate. But not! Everything can be changed if start working again . This point is called New beginning. This time start with different outlook with different view. Put your entire energy in attaining the success. Sometimes people will tease you, it’s okay. Your time too will come when you can prove them wrong. Life gives opportunity to each and everyone but should find that opportunity and make use of it and be successful.

3.Change Your Habits:-

If you want success but still working on old habits which bought you back cannot move forward with the same pattern of habits. It’s necessary to chane our entire habits which are not forcing you to develop. It may be difficult but constant practice can improve a lot in life. Only you only can do that no one else. It maybe difficult in the beginning but constant practice can bring lots of improvement and growth in life. Successful people had put lots of efforts to improve their life.

4. Learn from mistakes:-

Its really a great formulae to learn from mistakes. In studies also when you get little bit less marks you see your answersheet check it and next time will not repeat the same mistake. So as you when something goes wrong, you should learn from it instead of cursing your work or life. So mistakes teach us that you, you still need certain improvement to succeed but not to disappoint you. Each mistake is lesson to you to improve yourself further.

5. Love what you do:-

Whatever work you do put heart and soul in it. If you just do the work for timepass will not get expected results. If you love the work you do it becomes your passion and further more you can get lots good results. So many people don’t love what they do, But today in this competitive world the only who think I can definitely get good results of my hard work, then you start loving your work. Our life itself is a God Gift. You will not born as you are born today, so start loving everrythin that God has gifted you.

6.Your mind is stronger than your body:-

Every thought effects everything in life. Even though you get tired but sometimes your mind pushes you to do still more. It’s your brain you have to train in times of hardships. If you are weak from your mindset you cannot grow further. All is your mindset that makes everything possible. Every Optimistic thought results gives you good results whereas every negative thoughts would definitely take you down. It is the real energy that comes from mind First.

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