Chill Motivated

  1. Life has no remote:-
  2. Life has no remote, we have to get up and change ourselves. We use remotes for A/C, TV, etc, etc but in life it is not possible. We have sometimes change our habits which is not allowing us to move forward. There is no remote for it. It is only possible when we do it so. Sometimes changing our habits may be so so much beneficial in so many ways, let’s Try.

2. Success is Hardwork:-

Success is hard work, luck had nothing to do with it. So many people not able to hear or listen has succeeded in their lives by hard work and not by their luck. Those who believe in their hard work may be successful today or the other. You are always responsible for how you act not how you feel. Success knocks the door of a hardworker Always.

3. Victory comes from finding opportunity in problems:-

Some people are struck in their life, when they face tiny problems. You know every problem has a solution. God doesn’t give any problems to anyone without hidden solutions in it. We have to search. See the opportunities that come your way, when we are optimistic we never get disappointed. So make efforts not excuses in life.

4. Learn to sit back and observe:-

Eat well, read books expand your mind, do better and get better. Sometimes the only way to be Happy at your desk is just sit back and observe. Not everything things need reaction. If something in life scares you, you must do it.

5. True Friend:-

A true friend sees first tear, catches the second and stops the third. Friends should be like books few but hand selected. A friend listen to you what you say. Best friend listen to you what you don’t say. Only real friend say you when your face is dirty. Fake friends believe in rumours but real friend believe in you.

Chill Motivated

  1. Increase Concentration in Studies:
  2. When you sit for studying or working sincerely, cut off the noise from the world, distractions in life. Sit cally and concentration complete on work/studies. Fix small goals( time) before you work/study. If you fix high goals at once you maynot be able to concentrate due to heavy load. If you can’t start small work with concentration how can to you focus on heavy work in future. So increase Concentration with small goals.

2. Develop Innovative Mindset:-

There are so many hidden talents in each one of us, which is unknown to us untill we unlock our credentials. Our mindset is powerful than our skills. No one is born with talents. But as soon as we challenge the new day asks with innovative mindset we are not going to achieve it. Always recharge your brain with new ideas not the previous past ideas which let you down. Life battle goes to Stronger person not successful

3. Everything is hard before it is easy:-

Before stepping into any new work you may think, it is very hard ti get over it. But as soon as you learn lots of things with each small step, you gain confidence and start moving very confidently in life. So never judge any work by its outer cover. The most successful people in the world first made small steps in life to reach Highest Stage.

At first when you sit at the driver seat, but as you learn little steps then drive confidently on Highways.

4. Keep your Eyes on the stars and feet on the ground:-

If by little success you become overconfident then there are chances of falling down the next time. So the proverb says even though you may reach certain heights in life but still have to be humble and keep working hard.

Chill Motivated:-

  1. There is always something to be grateful about:-
  2. Grateful people are successful people. When you are Grateful for everything you have, God will still give you more. When you get up in the morning Give tha ks for better relationship, better resources, good friends, good health and so on, will transfer your life. Then God will give more things again to feel Grateful for. Innee Joy comes from Self Satisfaction.

2. Self Confidence:-

When you don’t compare yourself with others, you are not above anyone or below anyone. That is called Self Confidence. Great people are Great because they believe in themselves. To get success in any field self confidence is needed. When we take more stress in life our confidence level will go down. Once we recharge our thought process everything will change. You will get confidence in everything you do.

3. Change your attitude:-

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a Great wayπŸ‘. Always be patient and persistent. Good things will happen units own time. Looser Quit when they fail out, Winners fail untill they get success. The best revenue to your enemy is massive success in your life. Always keep going in life. Excellence is not a skill it is an attitude.

4. Every Problem has a Solution:-

If you think you are always right then you will learn nothing from problem. Always be brave and fearless, accept the situation and try to find solutions to it. You know Life is a Game, if you sit crying, you loose hope. If you overcome it you are a Winner. Some people want you to fail, disappoint then with your success.

Chill Motivated

  1. Learn from others:-
  2. We always learn from others when we admire them. But always learn something good from others not bad. Always plan the program and learn new strategies. Have fun always and be active. Be in the present moment and learn new rhings. Our future depends on how much hard work you do today. Learn how the hardworker( All hardworking people) became successful in life. The more you learn the more you earn.

2.The quieter you become the more you hear:-

Some people may be chit chatting continuously without giving others a chance to talk. The more you listen to others, the more you try to understand life. When you become quiet you can read others through eyes and also understand people and 😊.

3. Make Enough mistakes:-

When you make enough mistakes and fall in life. You learn a lot and become stronger and stronger. Today we should have lots of wisdom than knowledge to success in sphere of life. The more wisdom you get the more likely to handle every situation in life. We gain wisdom by falling so many times not by always getting success and also by reading books of great authors.

🌟 Actually I don’t have much time to write a long blog but whenever time permits I do so and the pictures I upload I paste is mostly children and pets because I like them so much. I used to be so naughty because now Growing changing myself a lot.πŸ™

Chill Motivated

To lead a Happy Life:-

We will be always busy in our work From Morning till Evening. We think if we have a lots of money then we are leading a Happy Life. Happy Life comes with sharing and caring others. It gives lots of satisfaction to others as well as ourselves. If we walk in nature for few minutes also makes you energetic and once again help you to concentrate more on work. But today we all are more busy with work and children with their mobiles and laptops.

If we want our children to be more happy and healthy we have to spend more time with them either by telling new moral story to become more intelligent and also listening and sharing time with them with lots of patience. It is necessary that we listen to them and give appropriate answers sot that they can feel more happy and we too forget our stress and stains.

Ofcourse we may not have that much time. But as children grow a lot of gap will be created between us and them. Because we neglected them when we were busy. Making a trip along with family members and also playing games together makes them more innovative. Cooking a different varieties for family makes a deep bond between family members. If we put all the burden of work on ourselves then we too feel stressed, so with a smiling attitude encourage them to put their hands in our work by explaining how well they do will help them feel that we are unitedly doing our work and we too won’t get stressed by extra work. They also learn the work slowly.

Motivate Yourself

  1. Trust Words not actions:-
  2. In our lives so many people, may be our relatives always say great words as if they will be there when most needed. But time proves so many things. Some people only say but practically won’t be there when we need them the most. We always get disappointed oh “That person changed”. But actually they proved them what they are when we want to be our sides. Only time proves everything.

2. Not everything is permanent in this world:-

Not even CoronavirusπŸ™‚. Sometimes when something happens not according to our plans, we think, why this happened. Sometimes we can’t control the situations but can change the perspective towards it. Sooner or later when Coronavirus will end, we all will be jumping in our lives. So let’s chill whatever problems comes in our lives is not permanent.

3. Improve your immune system:-

Our immune system depends not only on our diet but our thoughts and actions. If our mind is filled with positive thoughts and actions that effects our immune system but also negative thoughts and stress have great impact on the entire system of our body. Negatively brings down the immune system When we are seg positive side of everything that definitely effects on our body and mind.

Motivate Yourself:-

  1. Life is a circle of Good and Hard Times:
  2. It is not necessary that only success stories come in our lives. Sometimes hard times may also comes in our lives. We jump when good things happen and cry when don’t. Accept both good and bad situations in life.. Don’t worry about what people say behind you. These are the people finding faults in your Life, instead of fixing faults in own life. Keep going everything will come in its own time

2. Beyond Fear:-

Always take risks in life. Risks means not putting our hands in fire. Means first time when you started driving, there might be little fear in your mind, how you are going to become perfect but constantly practicing, you gain confidence and drive better. Sometimes when you start any work you may not have that kuch confidence but regular practice will remove fear from mind.

3. Always use simple language:-

Always use simple language, some people may not catch you. First impression must be the best impression. Talk politely and sweetly. Always keep eye contact with people you are seriously talking about it discussing something. So that they can listen to you confidently. Always talk with confidence and always take a little pause while talking.

4. Be Deaf to negatively if your aim is to reach High:-

My most favourite quote.

A Frog decided to reach the top of a tree.

All frogs shouted” It’s impossible…., It’s impossible….”

Still the frog reached the top….

How? Because, he was DEAF and thought and he thought everyone was encouraging him to reach the TOP…

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